Requesting Rules

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Requesting Rules

Post by Psycho on Fri Jul 04, 2008 9:51 am

Please follow these rules of you would like your request fulfilled if you fail to follow these rules you will be notified and your thread will be deleted.

1. Must have 5 posts
2. You can not request more than twice a week
3. Please use good grammar
4. If you want an image on you image you must provide an image HERE is a good site to get them
5. Must use the template provided below


1. [b]Type of image:[/b] (Example Sig, Avatar, Banner)
2. [b]Image Size:[/b] (Example 90X90)
3. [b]Render(s):[/b]
4. [b]Color Scheme:[/b] (Example Black and Blue)
5. [b]Text On Image And text Color:[/b]
5. [b]Images on Image:[/b] See above for details
6. [b]Anything else you want added:[/b]

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