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Post by Buddy on Mon Jul 07, 2008 3:37 am

Yes i know what you are thinking why should i donate well think of all the freebies you are getting here. Wink also all donations are added to our forums credits automatically meaning when you donate it goes directly to the forum.
Here are the things we will give you for donating.
for donating anything from 1 cent to 99 cent you get nothing duh

1$= We will post 45 posts on your forum.
3$= We will Put your forums link in the navbar
5$= you will get a cuztom map from one of our mapmakers.
10$= Help iow we will have one of our high level halo 3 players help you get achievements
so you can unlock all that awesome armor.
20$ and up= All of the following PLUS 1 prize that varies per amount you give above 20 it is a secret though.

you can use either Paypal or allopass to donate the link is at the top in our navbar.
So please contribute to this forum and Donate us some $.


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